"Get to the Hospital, it's the only way to avoid this thing!"


More of a Strider Ragdoll test than anything, though I think I might’ve failed. I also would’ve used Claw Scanners, but their ragdolls are bad, and the NPCs can’t be angled.

editting is pretty good but the posing is pretty bad.
Why are they just standing there?

Well, think that the Strider has just been launched from a Dropship and that it’s just landed - not enough time for some of the rebels to react properly.

Besides, atleast three of them are running.

if it’s just landed why are there two rebels impaled on it’s legs

Yeah, I knew someone would bring that up after I realised I forgotten about it.

Alright… perhaps it might’ve came in via that Combine checkpoint, or played dead until the rebels got near Episode 2 style.

EDIT: And it’s three impaled rebels. Four if you count the offscreen medic near the couple that’s still alive.

Well, just tone down the bloom and it would be a OK picture.
Posing needs some work but you are doing fine so far, just pose the actions with more effort.

For Example; The couple near the impaled guy are kinda lazy posed, I would bend them more back to show they are really fucking scared cuz a strider almost stomp them.


WHOA, was ninja’d on the Just-standin’ guys.

Well, these are Bloo’s Enchanced Citizens and Rebels. They have annoyingly flexible phys models. I can understand why the posing on them is so stiff.

Yeah, agreed. One huge problem I had was the elbows for the guy with the shotgun - the elbows on these models are really, really wonky and have a habit of twisting.

Uh, no.
They must be deaf not to hear a dropship coming, and the combine checkpoint doesnt work either because they wouldve heard the strider.

What? They’re great for posing. If you really find their flexibility annoying, it’s a sign that your posing needs serious work, not the phys models.

i like the guy getting anal raped on the leg of the strider

pretty hot bro