Get to the safe house!

The Left 4 Dead squad run towards the safe. A lot better than the shit that was my last screenshot. Constructive criticism ONLY. Please.

Could use a bit more of an action-y angle. Also, it’s too bright for L4D, it’d be good if you could put some filters on it to make it look more like it’s nighttime or something…

Ok, thanks. I’ll try that out.

Your avater is from one of the steam groups i joined are you tjoffe? or did you stole it?

No, I’m EletricEliminator on FPSBanana and YouTube. I’ve had this avatar for a long time.



You need some things in the background, it looks like nothing else is happening in the area except for this. Maybe add idling infected?

The zombie poses arnt that good, maybe base them off of how they run in l4d

Not bad. Camera angle and blood could do with some work.

His avatar is from “The Warriors” am I right? The warriors is an awesome movie

Thanks! I’m still trying to master blood effects, and I chose this angle just so I could get all of the posing into the shot.

Ok. I’ll try harder on the zombies next time.

Yes it is. And it is an awesome movie