"Get up Private...."

This is basically my first pose ever so go easy on me please :D. I would always just spawn npcs and play with them but now I learned how to pose because of videos and tutorials. FYI I couldn’t find a good name for the title so yea.


BTW can anyone leave any tips on how I can get better? Thanks

“Mom I’m too sleepy to get up”

It doesn’t look too bad. My only complaint is that the guy on the ground seems sort of lifeless. Maybe if he had his head tilted up a bit more?

Well I kind of wanted him to look sad because I was going to pose what happened before this pic so yea.

posing looks decent
although some faceposing, finger and eye posing would make it better
also the lighting is wierd because the guys are all bright while the ground is dark

Yea I do agree about face and eye posing but if you can see where the hand is at the trigger I kind of finger posed there. The lightning part I have no idea why its like that… but thanks for the tips

I thought he was dead.