"Get what we can sell, and lets go, this place creeps me out" Scavengers looting


I’m really digging that angle, its nice.

The posing looks fine, and may I ask, all in-game(editing)?
But the blood splatter on the left looks blurred and weird(Might be part of the map or edited in dunno).

I did a little editing, along with the text (Hint at next pose) and the blood.

You mean the russian letter on the planet logo? I thought they were part of the map, it blends in nicely, but its better to use some graffiti font because its hard to paint with such a nice letter with sprays(I’m guessing it was sprayed there, and that it must be some kind of warning or something, I dont know russian :frowning: ).

The blood splatter looks nice but on the top right looks really blurred and weird.

sigh unnecessary PNG loading time…


Fuck. I waited that long for another generic Stalker picture?

Pretty nice pose. I think the camera angle should be more zoomed out.

“Hang on, I’ve gotta check my stocks…”

Nah, he’s updating his facebook status.

Definitely got the scavenger part down.

Thank you kindly c:

That blood is terrible and I don’t like the text much. Besides that this looks good.

(Basically, I hate everything you edited in.)