GET YOUR ROOM CODE - [US] - Hotel Rust / Free Room Codes - PVP, SLP, Half Craft, Daily Drops

Join Hotel Rust 20 rooms stocked with starter gear. Use your code to get in. Codes released here or in chat.

First code: 1123(Located on the 1st floor)

Hotel Rust
Location: Right by the old barn south of Zombie Hill.
Rooms Available: 20
Supplies in each Room: Drop Signal and extras

50 Slot Server
Full Server Name: Multiplay :: [US] - Hotel Rust / Free Room Codes - PVP, SLP, Half Craft, Daily Drops
Server IP: net.connect
Server Location: St. Louis - Missouri USA
PvP: On
Sleepers: On
Airdrops: Start when 2 players are on the server at once.
Day/Night Timescale: Slower Days/Nights, each cycle should last about 1 hour in real-time.
Crafting Timescale: Crafting should take 50% of the time.

To join the server directly, you will want to launch the game and press F1 to open the console, then type the following:


Looking for groups and clans to join
Freshly started on 1/21

Will have an influence map and forum. Come call this server home.

15-20 dedicated players currently have room for 50!

For a very cool interactive map of Rust checkout:

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not two" - postal))

haha thats an amazing idea. omw for that first door!

Ha Awesome.

New Code: 1138

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Looks like two rooms have been claimed. Here are two more.

1189 1169

That’s all of the 1st floor.