im using gimp right now but next week i will have photo shop and my pictures will most likely be better im also getting better at posing.This song is also awesome and its from a GREAT GREAT movie if you have not seen it well…WATCH IT bye and have a good night:smile:

If it’s not thread worthy, why make a thread

jesus christ what is happening to this forum

there you go it is now thread worthy

dude, i make better shit in mspaint

fokkoff mate

yea thanks for the GREAT feed back guys ill be sure to do better next time:suicide:

ye ye, here to help

Way too blurry and don’t even worry about external editing just yet, work on editing in-game. Check this out: oughta help you.

I don’t know why people love to pose on this map, there is better places where there are big buildings :confused: