GetClass or IsPlayer only on server when multiplayer

Hello! i have a really weird issue, look at this

[lua]function ENT:Think()

for k,v in pairs(ents.FindInSphere(self:GetPos(),self:GetcapDistance())) do

	if(v:GetClass() == "player") then

           if(v:IsPlayer()) then



When i was playing on SP, the code run perfectly on both sides, client and server, but now, before test the code, it just run on server, i don’t know why, when i’m tracing before getclass i get the player string on client
I don’t have idea what is going on here, please help me

You are the server in singleplayer.

Sincerily it doesn’t explain why when i ask for the class of a entity i get only the server and not the client, i had this issue multiple times, but well it’s fixed…I don’t know why, i don’t know when, but i’m happy to know that it was fixed

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