GetFallDamage hook works, but doesn't return anything?

I do want to clear up that there are threads that go over this, but my case is unique. Basically my goal is to overwrite fall damage. Say I call the hook as such, and return the fall damage as 20 like so;

return 20

Strangely, I take no fall damage at all. I know the hook is being called because if I remove it, it will resort back to just being 10. I know it’s not returning as 0 because when set to 0, it will result in removing fall damage entirely, including the sound. If I set it to anything greater than 0, I hear the sound, but no damage is applied. Even stranger, when I tested this on a listen server, it worked, but when I tested it on a dedicated server, it didn’t. I figured it might involve server/client communication, but results haven’t changed as I’ve moved the script from shared to server-side and vice versa multiple times. Am I doing something wrong?

Some other GetFallDamage hook is being ran before yours.

I thought of this, however, I hosted this on a dedicated server with nothing loaded but the test script. Or perhaps I’m overlooking something? If so, what could it be?

Sandbox by default has godmode enabled iirc.