GetPrintName() returns "Scripted Weapon"

Sooo… I need a way to get the SWEP.PrintName from weapon class
but if I try




it always (doesnt matter which weapon you are holding), returns:

Scripted Weapon

No idea why and Google does not seem to know why either (except im bad in searching ^^)

Greetings, Santifocus

PS.: Used gamemode: TTT

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Okay I found out why… Apparently GetPrintName() only returns the SWEP PrintName when it is a built in weapon so if it is a Scripted one (I think every TTT weapon is scripted) then it returns the string above…

Does anyone know a different way of returning the weapon PrintName? :’(

Your weapons are not setting SWEP.PrintName in the real you are trying to get them from.

Okay I found the problem

if CLIENT then
   SWEP.PrintName          = "M16"

should be changed to

SWEP.PrintName          = "M16"

Probably because the server “asks” for the PrintName therefore cant read that part (just a vague guess)