GetScriptedVehicle() Broken?

I have been making a bit of an edit to neurotanks mod over the past 2 weeks, then today I load up the gmod and all files are erroring. I disabled my lua’s and jsut reenabled all of neurotechs mods off the workshop, and they are erroring as well. I then saw in the help$support section that someone else was having this issue with the mod. Thinking it wasnt the mod but gmod itself, I made a test to see if GetScriptedVehicle() will work for me.

function thinks()
//if CLIENT then 
local tank = player.GetAll()[1]:GetScriptedVehicle()


hook.Add("Think", "LOLOLOL", thinks)

excuse the quality, i typed that up in a minute but it also returns the same error:

Did this function break overnight? (I also see no new-wiki documentation on it either)

GetScriptedVehicle is not a function in Garry’s Mod.

Was it removed? Because it was working just fine yesterday.

Did a little research. Doesn’t exist in the current Garry’s Mod, but it did exist in previous ones (Definitely not yesterday)

Well then.
Im not sure why it did work for me yesterday though( I could to printmessage(3, var) var would be the scripted vehicle and it would print the entity it is refering too. and that was yesterday, but now it is not working.

Any reason it was removed?

The other thread is here: Made today with same issue

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More people jsut getting this issue

Clearly NeuroTec went and started using that function for some reason ( Wouldn’t be surprised with their recent ads stuff ) or some other addon is conflicting.

:confused: they have been useing it for ever :confused:

I have no other addons :confused:

Are you sure the addon wasn’t using something like a compatibility addon that was then removed? Such as this?

I am not sure no, funny thing is, I jsut wrote something damn near like that hehe. I didnt know someone already made that.

I used this for testing, but it refuses to work client side, only server(all new scripts do this for somereason on my side, idk)
its also my first tiem with meta tables :confused:

//PrintMessage(3, tostring(LocalPlayer():GetScriptedVehicle()))

local meta = FindMetaTable( "Player" ) 

function meta:GetScriptedVehicle()
if !self:GetNWEntity("Letank") then return NULL end
return self:GetNWEntity("Letank")

function meta:SetScriptedVehicle(ent)
//if !self:GetNWEntity("Letank") then return NULL end
self:SetNWEntity("Letank", ent)


hook.Add("PlayerEnteredVehicle", "thefix", function(ply, veh, role) ply:SetScriptedVehicle(veh) end )

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One thing I dont understand is why not just use the NW system just tlike that compatibility script did?

there is only around 7 lines messing up on client side scripts.

You might have deleted something that previously recreated the function. A few gamemodes and addons include code to bring back deprecated and removed features.