GetTickCount value

Hello, i need your help with this : self:GetShouldTick()

attempt to call method ‘GetShouldTick’ (a nil value)(Hook: Tick)

I have this error and my scrds crash .

What is the problem and how to fix it ?


Show us your code. Unless you created a function called “GetShouldTick” you can’t use random whatever and hope it works.

There isn’t an entity method called “GetShouldTick” by default. You could however use a global variable to run/not run a code block.

Set the variable:
[lua]ShouldTick = true --Or false if you want the code block to not be run[/lua]

In another part of the script:
if (ShouldTick) then
–Code to be run if ShouldTick is true