getting 3Ds max, which version do i get???

I’m about to download 3DS max real soon, but which version is highly recommended?
answer quick before i end up choosing one that i will regret!

I recommend you 3ds Max 9, since most of tutorials are for that.

If you are getting a student version, you can pick up whichever whenever, or faculty depending on where you’re picking it up. I use 2012 and it imports obj with the textures already attached and makes rigging and animation fairly simple. Couldn’t vouch for 13 or 14, it all depends on your current setup.

i think im stuck from 2011 to 2014 if 9 is 2009

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okay, end of the world year, 2012 it is!
I’ll just wing the rest of it!

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only 3.1 gigs, eh what can go wrong- OH JEES 3 hours!

If you’re on Windows 7 get 2011 without any service packs, if you’re on Windows 8 get both 2011/2013 fully up-to-date. That’s the combo I personally use.


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i also went into that file, and i couldn’t find this “” file anywhere!!!

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i reinstalled the autodesk folder and the folder is back where is suppose to be, so i hope this will install properly this time

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