Getting a blood_impact.pcf to "stick" to the target.

What is your problem: I’m trying to figure out how to get the blood_impact.pcf “stick” to the target.
What type is your problem: Particles/Lua
Is your code serverside, clientside, or shared: Clientside
How experienced are you at GLua: I’m not familiar with Lua at all.
Did you receive an error: Yes. **
If yes, what was the entire contents of this error:
When I shoot the target, and it moves, the blood floats in the air.**
If yes, what color was this error: N/A
Post the source of your error. **It’s more of a video - (Watch the whole thing)

**Like if you ignite a ragdoll. The fire “sticks” to it. even when you move it around. Rather then just float in the air. So that’s basically what I need. Except. It comes out of one concentrated spot, instead of it being all over the ragdoll. You guys get it?



…So what are you trying to do and what’s the problem?

hes trying to get the blood impact particle effect to stick to what you shot i think. Probbably for that mod that makes blood wayyyy cooler but sadly dosent follow target(its a .pcf file replacement)


So basicly you need to spawn the impact with lua instead of the engine doing it. No idea how that, But there should be some hook that could help

I’m guessing so.


Can you help?

anyone? :sigh:

Anyone at all?

You have to use an info_decal.

Can you give me an example? I’m very new to lua. So new. It’s sickening.

Well, you would use **[CLuaEmitter](** to make the particles first. Then you would specify a particle callback which creates a at the location of the collision. I’d take a look at the fretta SVN under the GMDM gamemode, it has an effect which is similar to the one you’re looking for. Good luck :toot:

Empty_Shadow just told me it wasn’t possible to make it stop floating through lua :psyboom:

Huh what?

I don’t even know. It’s somewhat late. and I’m tired. Thanks for your input :h: