Getting a feel for the new toolset

Cool textures for SWRP!

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That’s some destiny 2 level stuff you got cooking, very cool!

Looks pretty cool :+1:

Last blog post inspired me to pick this up again and update with some of what I’ve been working on

Mesh Decals

Mesh decals are a great way to get more detail out of a model without skyrocketing the polycount or texture sizes. Problem is, if there’s a satisfactory way to pull them off with the existing shaders, I haven’t found it.

I’ve found mild success through creative use of a second UV and the detail map, but this comes at the cost of being able to use the detail overlay as intended. It also has some nasty Z-fighting issues at a distance, which could be resolved by offsetting the decals in the LODs. Faking decals isn’t my preferred solution overall, but I think this method would prove useful in specific cases. Takes one draw call too, so that’s a bit of a bonus. Either way, I’m definitely looking forward to being able to write a shader to resolve this issue.

More hallways

Thanks to @gvarados helping me out with an incredibly specific bug with tile meshes, I’ve started setting up more granular pieces that let me get the most out of it. Right now the only thing using it are the straight wall panels, but the curved hallway pieces are going to get the same treatment. The idea is that I’ll be able to spend less time on corridors, and more time making interesting spaces.

Trimsheets are fun

Same trimsheet from last time, and it really makes the floor pop. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, hammer’s new texturing tools are everything I’ve wanted.

Tech panels

A big part of the Star Wars look is unlabeled mystery panels, so I started on that as well. Tried a little experiment with cramming all the different materials into one atlas texture, and it worked out alright. On the next pass I’m going to fill out a hotspot texture with a crapload of panel line variations.

It’s gratifying to see everything coming together so nicely. Any time I need to make a change, I can do so without needing to restart the whole game to see an update. These corridors have been a good way for me to quickly see what gaps need to be filled, and now that I have a foundation to build off of, I’m starting to look towards more varied environments.


And numerous OSHA violations, don’t forget to include that in your map.


gorgeous work done by you!


hot. I don’t like the hard outlines though.


Nothing a texture swap can’t fix for cleaner areas :grin:


Aren’t overlays/decals able to have PBR maps? What’s the need for separate meshes?

Edit: nvm brain did the thing again, reread it and i get why now lol, the z fighting sucks big time though

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this looks sick


I love this feature


I’m taking a break from the hallway stuff and working on more general things to round out what I have to work with. My goal right now is to have enough of a variety of trims, tiling materials, and props to build a city.

I put together a rough slice of an outdoor city area to see how my existing assets work together along with some newer tiling textures for the floors, grate, and stone wall. Looks neat, but the next one will be better.


will this city be star wars related? Or just some random sci-fi stuff?

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God your work is fucking beautiful, nice work Riddick. Gets me super excited for the complexity and amount of detail that’s possible in Source 2’s maps.


This work is amazing. Some of it really reminds me of the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic games.

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shoutout to this dingus for trying to align an object by rotating it from the center and forgetting the pivot tool exists

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Slowed down on this due to some other projects but coming back to it.


Mostly focusing on materials right now, feels nice to be working on stuff for Source2 again.

Focusing on some more generic and flexible materials that I’ll release in a pack down the line. Should be helpful to anyone interested in urban, industrial, or sci-fi themes.


Looks really cool, great job!


The final result looks really good, honestly looks like you just took an asset straight out of Half-Life alyx. Nice work!


This kind of stuff gets me so excited for the game haha. Great work!