Getting a few workshop items to work.

Hello everyone, I have a DarkrRP server and I’m having trouble getting some addons from the workshop to work. The addons I’m trying to get working are:

Heres the problem:
I have the addons in my workshop collection already and they are also already added on the resource file in my server files for auto download. When I join the server it downloads them, but when I join in game there are no new tabs in the props section for these addons and also even if I try to spawn them out of the addons tab nothing spawns. Anyone can help me out with this?

Can you post your startup command line (unless you’re using NFO, then just post your collection ID) and resource.AddWorkshop file?

Well I know the problem isn’t there because I already have tons of addons on my server that are downloading and working fine. Do you still want that info?

***edit: heres the info

command line:

-console -nocrashdialog -game garrysmod +ip -port 27015 +maxplayers 32 +map “rp_downtown_v4c_v2” +gamemode “darkrp” -tickrate “33” +host_workshop_collection “181882123” -authkey
(i left the auth key out)

and heres the resource codes:

resource.AddWorkshop( “327281224” ) --roleplay props
resource.AddWorkshop( “105770252” ) --roleplay model pack
resource.AddWorkshop( “140795845” ) --misc prop models

Where is that resource.AddWorkshop code being executed from?


Put it in lua/autorun/server

Quick question, should I be putting all my addons on my resource file to lua/autorun/server? My addons have seemed to work fine in lua/autorun up to now. Have they been in the wrong place the entire time?

If you don’t have if SERVER then in that file, then yes.

You could automate the resource file instead of manually adding data: