Getting a LUA error with one of my addons.

Hey whats up guys I’m using a addon/mod called party system for DarkRP and I keep getting this error in the 100’s after you click on a certain button. I don’t know how to code much and don’t really understand coding msgs and/or not good enough at coding to fix them, I basically just know how to configure LUA when it comes to my DarkRP server. Any help for this error is much appreciated.

Here is a link to the addon on scriptfodder:

[ERROR] lua/includes/modules/draw.lua:72: ‘CloseFont’ isn’t a valid font

  1. SetFont - [C]:-1
  2. SimpleText - lua/includes/modules/draw.lua:72
    3. unknown - addons/partysystem/lua/autorun/client/party_dswbutton.lua:119

Thanks in advance for all the help.

Contact the author.

You can even go to line 119 of addons/partysystem/lua/autorun/client/party_dswbutton.lua
and set the font to another.

I wouldn’t recommend doing that…

Re-install it, and if the problem continues, contact the author.

It’s not a problem with the code. It’s with font support for multiple OS’es.

Oh I see. Well then in that case just contact the author.