Getting a sever with brohoster - what gamemode/map should I run?

Basically like the title says. I’m getting a 24 slot server.

Sandbox or Fretta (These are what I like the most)

I never really got into fretta and I don’t like building on sandbox with other players (don’t know why, just don’t like it). I’m thinking of making it an RP server. I’m thinking either PERP or a heavily modified DarkRP.
It is a 24 slot server so should I go with evocity, downtown_v2 or some other rp map?

townsend is a really great map

DarkRP on rp_downtown_v2

at least you’ll be different because your not hosted by xenon

Would people actually play townsend though? I don’t want another dead server honestly. And it seems kinda big, would it be good for a 24 slot server?

If you make an RP server, do something original, if it’s serious, put together a good team to write the plot and story arcs, and make sure it’s played seriously. If it’s not serious, make sure the script is pretty and will attract people, and that they will have something to do.

Map also depends on what you want to do, if it’s serious, make it a map that’s based on your theme, if it’s not serious, make it a map that will attract players.

If you’re in roleplaying, you can either host a “Lite” roleplay style, where RPing is mostly handled by the players and there’s no theme going on, or you can pick the “Serious” roleplay style where you are forced to follow certain rules and a certain theme.
I would totally not suggest a 24 slot server for sandbox, it can put a really high strain on the resources whenever it gets full.

Actually, your statement is false.
“Lite” roleplay often has a theme as well. That’s not what the difference between lite and serious is.

Roleplay is about character and story development, and serious roleplay does NOT automatically equal OpenAura or something else that restricts the roleplay, and force the players to follow a certain theme. Actual (serious) roleplay should be unrestricted, and the RP elements should be there to SUPPORT the roleplay, not restrict it.

Anyway, as Xeloras stated: be original. Don’t just create another HL2RP or StalkerRP server.

Jocken, try to fit the “Roleplay is about charachter and story development” in the GMod RP community.
I was stating examples about GMod RP, not roleplay in general.

I have been on plenty of servers that have known what RP is about.

I have a 100slot Vent server if interested, and all my own website hosting

Radioactive Sandbox on rp_apocalypse.

Epic shit.

Fretta is easy to fill.