Getting a super secret password from a hacker + Bonus (they are old)

He is forcing him to get trough the firewall and disable the security network, so that he can get into the mainframe without getting spotted, because you know… thats what nerds are for.

Clean Version

Super-Duper Version

Now the old ones


I am Paulo Lopes by the way

Is that a hex p18 from Teh Snake O_o

Sexy shit you got here

Wow, I liked the posing but the editing its EPIC mate, I felt inlove with the third pic… Also nice
Decamouflage effect on the 5th pic :slight_smile:


Pure win!

Black and white comic is really nice

What was with the image test?

What model is that? the one picture where the spy is sneaking up on the soldier, I would like to know the link to the spy model.

Very nice

I love them all.


Thank you, awesome pictures by the way, sorry I neglected to say that earlier.

They all look excellent, I’m interested to know how you managed to make the coolness of “black and white comic.”


That Crysis picture is fucking awesome.

I’m only replying now because I lost the internet yeasterday.
What I did was take the phot and then in photoshop I use the Poligon Lasso Tool to select what I want to paint in white. After doing that to the selected area just paint a black background.
It is very simple but it takes some while to finish it

Nice editing, but why is it raining in CS_Office?

It isn’t rain, its is… some kind of effect, like a scratched picture or something, thats why there are two versions

Ah, okay. The only problem with the spy picture is the CSS wmodel.