Getting addon player models into a private gamemode

Ok, so i am work on a edited death run for my friends and me and, i’m a pretty good coder, but sadly i want to put an addon in the gamemode, but i don’t know how to add .gma files in a gamemode if you even can. They are just some different player models that i downloaded from the steam workshop that my friends wanted to add. I know where to put the code setting it to the players but i don’t know what i have to call or what ever the function is for loading the player models.
If i need to, i do know how to extract the GMAs which i have just to see what they where like.

Thanks for the help.

Are you wanting to host the .gma’s on your server or are you trying to figure out how to change playermodels?

I was just trying to change this to have the addons instead of just the normal male people:

local rModels = {}
for i = 1, 8 do
	rModels[#rModels+1] = "models/player/group01/male_0"..i..".mdl"