Getting all the models from spawnlist.txt

Hi guys, helping a friend out here and apparently I need help myself too!

I’m trying to read the files in settings/spawnlist and get all of the models from the KeyValues, but all of my stupidness can only manage to return 1 model from the whole file, and there are 200+ models, could somebody maybe give me a hand?

[LUA]local Trombone
local Drumkit
function PrintProps()

local lists = file.Find("settings/spawnlist/*.txt", "GAME")
local props = file.Read("settings/spawnlist/"..lists[1], "GAME")

local prop = util.KeyValuesToTable(props)
	for k,v in pairs(prop) do
		if k == "contents" then
			 Trombone = v
	for k, v in pairs(Trombone[1]) do
	if k == "model" then
		Drumkit = v

concommand.Add(“lol2”, PrintProps)
That returns the 1st model in the 001-construction-props.txt folder, which is “models/Cranes/crane_frame.mdl”

If there is an easier way to do what I’m trying to do, or if not a way to do what I’m trying to do… CORRECTLY, might somebody be able to help?

–EDIT-- Also, Garry if you’re reading this. That thread of mine that you closed saying "This is modding help, not ‘help I broke my gmod install help’ " I didn’t break my sandbox, the script I was making caused that error, Sandbox works fine thank-you. So I believe that my thread had perfect reason to go where it went.