Getting an Entity to follow the Player

Hello there. I am currently coding some custom npcs. Now this is my first time coding a custom npc without the use of a base, so please walk me through this one. I have and entity, and basically i want it to go to where the player is, regardless of how far it is from him. How do i do this? (also, is it possible to make the entity noclip through the world, because it would be awsome for the one im making).


Also, is there a command to Draw an image on the player’s screen?

What NPC are you making exactly?

Well if you are interested, its the creeper from the DOOM addon Ghoul’s Forest 3. In the mod, it kills players with a screamer. He also goes through walls, and is extremeley small, which makes it A LOT more scary. I want it to be an entity, and not an npc, because i dont want players to cheat by having npcs shoot at it.

Use next bot instead, or try using the weeping angels code

You can specify whether NPCs take damage or not by the way so you can still use one if you want.

My entity already has its own health script and it is fully working.

What do you mean next bot? Also i want movement not teleportation.