Getting an NPC to look at something?

I ran into a problem a minute ago in hammer. I have to make a presidential campaign speech for school and I figured why not make a map and have it made in hammer? I made my own faceposing stuff but I need to know how to make an npc_citizen look at a camera I have set up.

I have him walk to a path_corner when a door opens and when he gets to it he is just standing 90 degrees away from the camera and giving the speech. I need to know how to make him face it and do the scene.

Anyone know how? I really need this. The project is due the 11th.

Isn’t there a node that makes NPC’s look at something?

Didn’t find anything that had to do with NPC’s looking at a specified target. :frown:

Something in here about making NPCs look or aim at something. It’s a info_node_hint or something.

Didn’t work. There aren’t any keyvalues to affect a certain NPC so I don’t really know how they work.

Cues for looking at actors and entities in coreographed scenes are done in faceposer.

It says only actors. I am trying to make him look at a point_viewcontrol camera.

Put the player inside of a box with a hole in it, which is behind the point_viewcontrol. That is what valve did for Gman in hl2 before you appear on the train. Then teleport the player right when the camera needs to change back.

The whole level is just a camera view. So should I just start the player out behind the camera in the first place?




Wrong thread. :tinfoil: