Getting back into Gmod.

Hey guys.

Ive just installed Garry’s Mod after like a years break.
Can you guys recommend what models/tools/addons to download that most people are using nowadays?

adv dupe

easy precision

stargate mod

the people packs for stargate mod incl Mckay’s addon pack (mine) and carter’s addon pack (not mine


spacebuild 2 or 3 (I prefer 3 but thats because I love to sabotage people’s space stations after they spent an hour working on it just simply by turning off the climate regulator)

and last but not least, make sure that you only play this game if you have a standard life that will pull you away from the game after an hour or 2 each time so you don’t go completely insane.

EDIT: Oh and if you don’t have a life but still want to play this, there is a special mod that will crash your computer after about an hour on singleplayer called sbem to give you a similar effect to a life and preventing the insanity