Getting Back into Server Hosting... Need Some Basic Help.

I’ve been out of the server hosting game for a while, at least 18 months. Just want to start a simple RP server again. I just need a couple things…

  1. The DarkRP part of server.cfg
  2. Recommended admin mods these days?
  3. Newer, popular maps?
  4. I’ll think of more later.

sv_gamemode “darkrp”
sv_defaultgamemode “darkrp”

ULX and ASS are still the standard, although ASS has had some problems recently due to updates, so you might have problems with it.

Downtown is still the most popular map for DarkRP, although there are still a few running city 45. And then there’s always evocity, oviscity and hometown. It really depends upon how many players you think you’ll have, evocity is huge and not very good for a small playercount, but oviscity and hometown are both good for smaller servers.

Well physical server space is not an issue, and I’m on 35/35 Fios, gigabit LAN. No speed issues.
Regarding point one, I’m talking about like rp_maxmayors and such. I forget most of them.

I’ve never seen anyone have to change those values, they’re generally set to what you would expect. The only ones you might want to think about are lottery costs, shipment costs and wages. The first two (and all of the other rp_ commands) are in the F1 menu and you can just set them in game, and the last you can change in shared.lua in the gamemode folder.

Yeah I guess Evolve can handle prop and job limits right?

It can handle prop limits, but if you want to change job limits you’ll have to check the F1 menu and change them that way.

Cool. Thanks.

Evolve seems new and somewhat popular, I haven’t even looked at it at all… I’m just mentioning it exists :slight_smile:

EDIT: Evolve is an admin mod

ASS mod is dead Evolve is up and coming ULX is still the same…I use ULX and Evolve. I like them both…RP_downtown seems to be very popular.

There we go, all set mostly. Now, with hldsupdatetool, what content do I need, (specific command line names) and what are the locations they need? I have everything else I need so far.

Also, with Evolve, how does MOTD work?