Getting back to Alpha Team ( Interactive )

I couldn’t think of a name for the thread… :argh:

Heres just a link to it, seeing as its small or whatever

Run across the streets like madmen, firing your rifles into the sniper’s general vincinity, until you’ve reached higher ground with cover.


Nice to finally see a good interactive comic.

As for the choice? God knows. There’s 6 of them and 2 of you. Can I assume that the layout is exactly the same as cs_assault and say go through the little car park thing to the top right of the final frame and flank those bastards?

Those bullets and the bullethole are really poor done, but the comic itself is very good! especially if you look at the other interactives in this section.

Oh and um blind shoot around the corner. OR- use the kitty-cannon-cornershot! like with future weapons. (If you don’t know what i mean youtube it! >:( )

You should move to a more secure location nearby, somewhere where the enemy can’t locate you without having to expose themselves. After you have moved to a good location you should think of a tactical plan, either go out and try and pick off the enemys with your rifles as you both have a red dot sight on your M4A1 (Are they?) or you could hold your position until the enemy expose themselves and fire upon them accurately (Spelling) with your Rifles. The best way to assess the situtation though would be to split up, one of you would head into a good targeting postition while the other spots out the enemys and tell the other over the radio where they are coming from.

Of course, it is just my opinion on this situtation.

Your squadmate provides suppressing fire a you move towards the metro station stairs to get a better vantage point. unless you haven’t been picked off or your teammate hasn’t, keep low and move up the stairs to take out the sniper. Take out the other hostiles that are around the street corner. If that goes well then your squadmate can take out the two behind the container.

Nice comic :smiley:
I would first prone down, and take out the sniper, then I would run to the containers while shooting the tree enemies, and last, taken out the two enemies that was left. :3

oh yeah! sry goldenbullet if you wanted to make a serious comic, but this is gonna be the most entertaining!


So when is the next part out?

When he finishes?

wow This looks like It’s gonna be awesome.

My plan would to crouch and then slowly walk to the ledge of the wall, and using the rifle’s aim, I’d get a kill out of that sniper (If the sniper is the one on the container). After that, in the same position, I’d take a hostile just next to the containers in the left using the same tactic. Proceed with the other soldier, and get in that small garage in the middle of some buildings you can find in that map, and then try to get all of the 3 hostiles on the road after the garage. Then get the last guy by surprising him somehow, and then I’d interrogate him and get some information about any other shit xD

Sorry for any grammar mistakes, my English is certainly not the best at all.

What the…this almost completely ripped my own idea right out from under me. Now if I ever do that comic, people will say “z0mg wtf u copi goldbulet!”. I HATE YOU. I’M GOING TO HUNT YOU DOWN AND KILL YOUR FAMILY. I’LL-

Awesome comic so far. As with the above posters, run for all you’re worth across the street while firing and wasting precious ammo, and proceed to higher ground while utilizing cover.

Well, it’s been a day… Interactives are supposed to update frequently

Perhaps an ultra long sequence is up next?

Quit being annoying, it’s difficult making comics when you are out seeing relatives …

I’m not, you should have made a series instead. Interactives are supposed to be updated frequently, and you can’t use this long on editing one before the next part is out. People will loose interest

I am working on the next part now. Why do you care so much?

That one ended… I was intended to follow up on that one.
And I care because this one is good, but it will get boring if it will be days inbetween each part, hence why you dont got many replies