Getting banned for completely no reason

Well, I locked my pc and I went down to get some food, when I got back up I was banned, I have no freaking hacks, I have not done anything. Anything at all. I tried joining a server “Facepunch_Connector_VAC_Banned” I have done nothing, not one shitty thing. This is the most stupidest thing I have seen. Here is my steam profile

VAC got mad that u went to get food only for youself hence the ban. Next time please remember to bring food for VAC as well.

They just keep coming.

Post your Steam profile please.

(No one here can help you with a Valve Anti Cheat ban as this is the Facepunch forums)

Sorry, I will next time. But seriously, now I can’t play my favorite game… stupid shit, but yeah, it’s probally true Hozzie.

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Sorry, how do I do that Sammi? This is kinda new for me lol

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I found out, here it is

Just going to take a shot in the dark, is this your profile?


Sigh the morons who come onto facepunch to ask for an unban due to a VAC ban. Vac is valve not facepunch. You cheated, and you’re not getting unbanned. New steam account and buy rust. Don’t cheat this time.

Your profile is private, that’s a warning sign on its own. Anyways, don’t bother appealing, you cheated and you know it. There are no false positives, we get at least one of these a day and all are cheaters, now piss off please.

I fucking didnt cheat you , I dont have a single fucking cheat and I never did hack/cheat. Fuck this shit, your the moron here banning me for no fucking reason

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Oh, so because I dont want pedo’s to come on my profile I am a hacker? Ok then. Fuck this.

Hostility much? Did I strike a nerve, cheater? There are NO “bans for no reasons,” there are horrible cheaters who get banned for being fucking idiots, and you are one of them.

I have not cheated.

prove it.

What did I cheat? I suck so hard anyway in example shooting, you can ask everyone at every server I have played on if I have ever used any hacks.

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How then? Want to check my whole computer? Go for it, I have nothing to hide

Go google “how does VAC work.” It is not a person, it is a machine; an algorithm of sorts. If you cheated, it knows. You can’t best a machine you idiot. Now go buy the game again, FP has NO jurisdiction over your NOT fake ban.

Fuck this shit, maybe I got banned for fucking locking my pc while being on this shit game. Well now I atleast know that I will tell everyone that they should not buy this game, it’s a good game after all, but you get banned for nothing.

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Ask the admins on the server I have played on, ask the guys I have lived with on rust

To save you guys time, not a single name on the guy’s Steam profile brings up any MPGH results or even a reference to Rust cheats.

However, I just refreshed his Steam profile and he has set it to private right after making the thread so that’s rather suspicious.

Ask freaking everyone, I have not even thinked about cheating

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So why are you so defensive, boy? Any normal person would do what I said and google how VAC works and see that you DID cheat.

I wouldn’t call 10 minutes ago “a long time”.

There, I changed it to open if it is so important, I have not cheated a SINGLE TIME, take my word on this man, this is the best game I have played, and I knew that I would get banned anyway if I cheated jesus