Getting Banned For No Reason

**I’m not even sure why I’m on the forums but I mean, I hate being banned from a server just because I have 1 VAC ban on another game… Whenever I Start to have fun they ban me for no reason… Was I cheating? No. I think this is Admin Abuse honestly. And it’s getting on my nerves.

It’s their server, it’s their rules. You aren’t granted a fundamental right to play on all Rust servers, that wasn’t included in the price tag.

I don’t agree with the attitude the server admins have, but it is actually up to them and they can do what they want.

If it really bothers you, make a new Steam account and get a copy of Rust on it.

What do you want us to do with it, also mods dont take kindly to having all bold, Might want to edit your post.
But honestly, We CANNOT help you.

no its not ur probs just a bad boy breaking rules. if its happening on every server. join a high ranked server they are usually really strict about bann

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i know im artistic thank you.

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no were did it go

I have had the same thing with a friend of mine. we were playing on a server and once we got known, as in made more and more kills and people had it out for us, a few told the admins that my friend had a VAC ban on CS:GO from 2 years ago and got banned on the server. I disagree with what elicwhitetail said because even though its their server doesnt mean they can just ban you for no reason. Thats like for people living in the USA, just because the president is in power doesnt mean he can have you deported just because you broke a law in Europe lets say. I own a server and unless someone is hacking on it im not going to ban them casue they had a VAC ban on another game.

Now you’re dumb.

If I own the server, I’m paying for it, I decide what happens on it.

If I want to lock it down so nobody but people I approve plays on it? Up to me.

If I want to prohibit anyone with past VAC bans from connecting and playing? Completely up to me.

I want to be a terrible admin-abusing jerk and screw with people? Well, that makes me an asshole and my server terrible, but it’s still up to me. My server will quickly earn a terrible reputation, but that’s my problem.

How is being kicked from a Rust server the same as being deported from your country of birth and citizenship? Are you serious? :v:

Let’s try a different comparison: Being a guest at someone’s house, and lecturing them on how they should treat other guests when guests are breaking their house rules.

Horrible comparison. Its as if you were convicted of a crime, served your time and are now back in the real world. Many jobs now decline you due to your history. Although you may have had a breakthrough due to your previous lifestyle, you still have the same paperwork.

OP: There are a variety of admins, some that will see the 2 year ban and notice no other recents and allow your presence, and the others who believe once a cheater, always a cheater. As Elix stated, can always start new.

Obviously you dont know how to take an example. Also thats not what you said. If you made a rule that no one with a VAC ban can play on your server that would be understandable. But banning them just because they have a VAC ban thats different. Thats already accusing them of hacking when they probably arent, like my friend. Its called innocent until proven guilty not guilty until proven innocent.

Elix is 100% right… admins pay for the server therefore they can ban you for whatever they want.

Another good example is admins banning people who have 1-2 games and low hours - which in most cases is a typical sign on a hacker.

This can be seen as unjustified in some cases, but you are playing on someone’s else’s property and its their rules.

Making a rule because they have a VAC ban and banning them because they have a VAC ban has the same outcome… so how is it different?

Those two things are exactly the same. The ban is the enforcement of the rule if an automated solution isn’t in place. FYI there is no official vanilla support to ban for non-Rust VAC bans. It is handled by community-made plugins on the community-managed plugin platforms, or manual checking and banning.

The same thing happens on Gmod servers, TF2 servers, CS servers, everywhere. Sure, it’s assuming guilt before guilt is proven, but I’d like to remind you of something: Rust servers are not subject to the Code of Hammurabi. The admin is the authority on the server and wields the power of a king.

I’m not saying that I agree with shitty attitudes like this. I wouldn’t want to play on a server that preemptively banned people with prior VAC bans, or power abuse and random bannings.

But there’s nothing for you to do about it. Valve won’t suspend the guy’s account. garry won’t do anything unless the admins are using active exploits above and beyond the admin powers granted to them (and the fix will be to patch Rust, and maybe blacklist their server from the server list if they did something particular to deserve it). The game service hosts are not going to terminate a paying customer’s service because your feelings are hurt.

Your example doesn’t compare at all. A leader deporting someone for committing a crime in another country. Which is actually legal and does happen.

If you own a server (The kind that comes out of your wallet, not your parents) and you want to run a top notch server that is friendly, active, and always full of players would you not want the best community? It isn’t up to us to tell an admin how to run his server. You are now telling the bus driver where his route should go.

Well obviously some of you shouldnt own a serverif you have that mindset. Gald i wont be playing on any of your servers ever.

I threw grenades at someone I caught hacking. Some would see that as a cruel and unusual punishment. But it was on my server and under my rules :slight_smile:

How is that a mindset? If you have a rule in place for no individual to have a VAC ban on the server, you ban them. If you are there to ban them due to a VAC ban, it is which of the following.

A) The Same
B) The Same
C) The Same
D) All of the Above

First of all its not legal but im not hear to talk about the law. Second even if its coming out of our wallet doesnt mean you can be an asshole. Just because someone has a record doesnt mean they are a criminal. If so then put everyone in the US in jail for a driving ticket cause its on your record. Third it is up to us on how to tell the admins on what needs to be done otherwise they will run their server into the ground because they didnt listen to the people. Isnt that one of the reasons on owning a server?

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Thats fine they broke the rules. But if their are no rules how can you ban them?

Dude obviously you know that admins can be assholes. Not everyone in the world is just. You just need to move on and find a server with an admin that is fair. Also I bet that if this person who got banned for an old VAC actually talked to this admin about the ban, it could get straightened out.
But not communicating properly will do that I guess…

So I can educate you a bit on law. Deportation for illegal acts committed in other countries is legal. If it is coming out of your wallet, that is your money you have worked endless hours for in order to just have a server to please a group that may or may not donate to your cause. Nothing to do with how you treat people, it is how you keep the community sane. Records don’t mean anything as far as criminal activity go. But if you look at job postings, many won’t accept you with a felony on your background. They were a criminal, they may not be anymore but that is why the word perception comes to play. If you are given a motor vehicle citation, they cost time or money. That is your sentence, so no need to go to jail. We are there to play on the admins server. More than likely they (like you) have made a post or read other posts on this forum to see how to populate a server and what players enjoy from a server to continue to play on it. We aren’t there to tell them how to run their server, they are currently doing it and life is about trial and error. If it works, don’t play with it. If it doesn’t, fix it.