Getting Banned From Gmod Tower

Alright, so earlier on today I played gmod for the first time in a little while. Quite a few things have changed since I last played, one of the new multiplayer servers “Gmod Tower” was something I was quite interested in. So I connected, played a few PvP games and the ball race game thingy, but then became bored. Upon returning to the tower from a minigame, I stumbled upon an Admin and some randomer talking about some “Fist SWEP”. So I watched for a little while, Waiting…

When the admin dropped the weapon, I Ninjah’d it. And they suspected nothing!

So lets put it this way, a SWEP in the hands of someone who really dose not give a shit = Lulz.

Great music at the start.

BUT this should be in the videos subsection.

Shit, my bad. Can a mod move/lock this?

That was win. =D

Epic win.

haha, oh wow. You’d think the Gmod Tower admins would be more careful about this.

I love how you pretty much Hit and Ran. I was loling when people were saying: wtf.

I was laughing so hard that I nearly cried–Especially when the heavy metal started playing. :3