Getting Blizzard amounts of snow to render in Source?

Stacking 1200 env_embers didn’t work, stacking 1200 func_precipitations didn’t work either.

Does anyone know how to get enough snow to blind you in source? I’ve checked Google already, half-wit 2, and interlopers didn’t have any tutorials on snow at all.

You’ll most likely just have to be creative with the use of some heavy fog along with the snow precipitation.

The snow precipitation is really ugly though, I think the env_embers looks much better

But still, is there no way around this? I’ve seen some GMod mods that did this but I need it for episode two

func_dustcloud produces quite a good blizzard effect. If you are looking for blinding, that is the entity for you.

Like in the map i made for the competition

Some good start settings please? So I’m not totally in the dark

Stack them with offset.

Doesn’t do anything. The Snow stays the same with func_precipitation, and with env_embers it just goes like WHOOP LOTS OF SNOW pause wait 8 seconds and then it loops like that.

Hum. With rain, stacking them with a 32 x and/or y unit offset made it more dense

Rain isn’t the same as snowfall

The default settings are good for a blizzard. Then, if you feel that it’s too low, rack up the particle count.

Alright, will try now, and thanks

Just tried it and I got really big blocky bits of stuff

Odd…it shows as a wash effect of whiteness on mine.

It’s under heavy, heavy sarcasm, Source’s idea of ‘dynamic fog’

It’s pretty much a box

I know its not the most lag free way of doing it but cant you just make a partical?

yea, i think there is an option to cull the particles too based on distance

Parent the embers to the player maybe? Or something that moves with the player?

I think that is handled partially by the fog settings.

Why not create a particle effect? Then you can up the density as much as you want.

You should probably make a particle effect and maybe parent it to the player if it is a singleplayer map.

Though if it is a big multiplayer map you can’t parent it and therefor it might be a bit expensive to render.

env_embers is a particle effect

And it gets to the point that it will for say, spawn 5,000 particles at the same time, they all float down like snow, stops, and then they spawn together.

in short it pulses when you rack the particles up there


I tried parenting it to the player, but if you go inside, kill the effect, and stare outside/look outside the there will be no snow


There’s a distance where you can set so that you can see the func_dustcloud

I use the settings of

particles 30
particle speed 20
min/max life 4 and 7
alpha 15
min/max size is 200 and 400

it doesn’t look that bad