Getting blueprint's is tedious.

After playing new rust for a bit here is some more feedback.

Running from radtown to sattelite dish to warehouse to airport to get blueprint fragments and blueprints is so tedious, And the barrels are even worse.
When you play on a high pop server It takes forever to get a recipe because there are barely any crates, and when you arrive, there are atleast 3 people looting the place (dont get me started on people camping these zones with best in slot items).

In legacy it’s was better because there were also AI that you could kill and they were scattered around the map. In my opinion new rust should add AI to these zones and scattered around the map so you can have an alternative and choose what you want to do.

Kill AI, loot radtowns, or do both. Now there is no other way then just run around.

Also you should bring back

Ammo crates
Junk crates
Medical crates
Weapon crates

If you read either the rev blog the mind map or any of thousands of these forum topics you would know that AI is planned. It’s comming but just not in yet. And with the addition of blue print frags it’s not actually that hard to get most BP’s in the first few days.

It’s not hard yes, Just incredibly annoying to get.

I barely use blueprint frags, I just get a few of the items I want to research and go with the base chance. Although there was one occasion where I was awake at around 5.30am on my server and only about 25 people were online, I ran around the airfield and rad town a couple of times and got a tonne of blueprints, including a c4 blueprint and around 400 fragments in about 30 minutes. It was good.

Agreed, random barrels and loot crates around the map would help the solo players. I made an Oxide plugin called Cornucopia that was initially intended to fix the barrel situation on Hapis and it evolved into a plugin that allows admins to randomly spawn rad town crates and barrels all over the map (on top of the default road/radtown ones).

Finding random crates or barrels on the map is always fun, promotes exploration and allows the solo players to avoid the pvp hotspots and still progress.

I played on a server that had crates in the forest and stuff. That was cool.

On the flip side, this system is a bit better than the RNG blueprints.

I think we can all agree that the current system is better than the last, and that there is still room for improvement. The things about stuff like this is that you have to implement it, see how it performs, make adjustments, and perhaps even reconsider better methods which all take weeks/months to accomplish, and if you do find yourself looking for a better system you basically start the process over again. The short half is that balancing and getting an effective BP system will take time, feedback, and LOTS and LOTS of testing before it gets perfect.

I remember a while back people would suggest RPG style systems involving trees, experience/progress bars, etc. While I still think this is a bit out of place for Rust, I am definitely more in favor of a system that can be given some direction. It should allow for people who want to bee-line for high tech weapons to do so, while also having that same freedom available for those who want to rush for industry, reinforced houses, productivity and research. Basically, I think if someone wants to have a specific focus, I think there should be some way for them to preserve momentum in that direction without being too limiting or empowering.

I think it would be better if you just collect BP fragments to be used toward specific items instead of the whole “reveal blueprint” thing.

Like 50 BP frags can be used to learn “X” items i.e. ax, hatchet, ice pick, etc. You pick which one.
100 BP frags are good for “X” items

And so forth.

The RNG wasn’t really removed from the system, it was just displaced. I don’t know how many times I’ve collect BP, and it was “revealed” as something I already know.

I’m fine with the current system, but I think it could be seriously improved by making BP frags a bit less common and making it so you can’t get a BP you have already learned, unless you have all BPs from that tier.

I don’t like the idea of automagically getting one you don’t have, but I do like the idea of being able to recycle bp’s you don’t need back into frags (at a loss).

Are the odds of getting each blueprint within the tier the same? All I get are medikit blueprints over and over. It’s bad for my health.

Yes, you should be able get some frags if you break an item while researching. Realistically you should get at least some idea about the structure of an item while reverse engineering OR In current system some items are broken and you can repair it and research it with less chance. I think the item should be gone forever and your base chance of researching that particular item should increase.

fuck, i like that last bit a lot. failing a research destroys the item and permanently increases your chance of success on future attempts. however, I propose that researching an item shouldn’t provide a hard copy of the BP, but instead autoread it to the guy who is researching it.

I wish the player wouldn’t be able to start the research then walk away. [player] (is it even politically correct to use ‘he/she’ anymore?) would have to stay in the bench for the full ten seconds.