Getting burnt out; Rust

Is anyone else getting burnt out of rust?
I love the new update with the beds and everything but I got really burnt out,
Does anyone know how to “Fix” getting burnt out?

Don’t play an alpha game like its full release perhaps?

Honestly a terrible issue with my gaming community atm, wish I woulda never told anyone about rust. I’m sure I’ll be playing it alone on release since these guys are playing it like a raiding MMO >.>

Well, what do you mean by that?
Do you mean play like it’s nothing and risk all?
Or no? I’m not sure what you mean,

That’s easy to “fix”, play other games and after a month or two, come back you will get some fresh air ;o

Ive got 200+ Hrs…What is this burnt out?

you bought the game, you own it for life… if you’re burnt out take a step back.

I’ll play another game like skyrim or somthing for a while
thanks :slight_smile:

Yeah coz skyrim is not boring at all… To each its own