Getting c_models to look right

Hey all.

So these past 6 hours or so have been really frustrating me as I can’t seem to properly implement these damn hands. First, an image to see if anyone already sees the problem:

So here’s what I’ve done and tried (that I remember).

  • Labeled the bones to each corresponding ValveBiped correctly
  • Added $incude “c_arms_definebones.qci” in my QC
  • Also labeled my MDL file as c_…
  • In the Lua file, added SWEP.UseHands = true
  • And to which extent, made sure I labeled my SWEP.ViewModel correctly
  • Tried to align the citizen bones given by Max from the wiki page to the bones in this model and to no success, but I figured that they weren’t needed (I also looked at his examples, but importing the SMD files is painful and I can’t work my head around Wallworm even after watching his own tut. I’m hoping I didn’t screw stuff up in the process)

I’m super lost. I’ve been watching this video a lot and I don’t understand bits of it plus a lot of it isn’t working for me (e.g. unlinking the forearm bones causes them to be removed for some reason). I’ve googled around and found nothing that helps (which implies it’s super easy to do and I’m a dumbass). Anyone come across this kind of issue before?

Here’s a zipped up file if anyone wants to take a look at it (needs 3DS Max, can save it to an .OBJ file if anyone wants me to). Please note that this isn’t my model at all and I’m using it as practice.


Some things to keep in mind:

  • Using an existing non-Valve skeleton and simply renaming the bones can often result in issues.

  • You don’t need to add c_* to the beginning of your model. It can certainly help for organization depending on where it is but it’s not necessary.

  • You’re missing a few bones – you also have three unnecessary dummy bones. Reference the c_arms model or an existing hl2 c_weapon model. The gun you have is just decompiled and wasn’t animated on the Valve skeleton that c_arms use.

  • You labelled the left upperarm as right instead, so you have two right upperarms

  • Some of the bones have awkward alignments which may result in awkward animations from the actual arms later on

Sorry to take so long to get back.

Didn’t know about the first one, however I still had the same issue before the renaming. Likewise with your second point, but as you say it’s just easier to work with.

Removed the dummy bones, and I’ve been trying to work with the c_arms all along (citizen ones). I also have no idea about getting the animations to work too, sadly. I saw that you need to re-export them or something…

I’m having issues with the alignment. Whenever I try to align something it just messes up. I’ve missed something but I don’t know what.

Sorry to come back at you with problems and no solutions. I’m sure if I could get the alignment working correctly things would become somewhat easier.

Hate to be that guy, but in another attempt for help, bump.