Getting Citizens to attack the player

Title says it all; how do you get citizen or rebel NPCs to attack and try to kill the player?

And on that note, is there a way to get them to attack without shouting out random crap from HL2? To just attack without the babble?


Target: Player
Subject: Citizen

Relationship: Hate


To name the player, select your info_player_start and then de-select Smart Edit. Add the keyvalue targetname and name your player :buddy:

Target should be !player, not Player.
And just set up an ai_relationship, with the subject of the citizens, then in target, type !player, then Relationship: Hate.
Basically what Da Fat Cat said, only you dont have to name the player start.

SO I made a value called targetname and the value it held was name Player.

I named the Citizen, Killer.

So the AI_relationship should look like this:

Target: Player
Subject: Killer
Relationship: Hate

Or should the subject just be citizen, or whatever npc I am changing the relationship for? Does the subject go by targetnames or by class?


Oh, thanks. I’ll test it.