Getting disconected after 5-10 mins in a server

with this new update that adds ladres, i dont know the reason but when i joined a server, 5 mins after i join it disconnects, i know that this problem is from back february, but the only thing that i know about this rror is that the devolopers dont know the source of the problem and unfortunately they dont know anything about a fix to this problem. i want to know if anybody is getting this error or if anybody suffered from this error and if the problem goes away with the time or if i have to do something to fix it, im not going to post my specs, if anybody ask me for them, im responding.

Link to see the error message:

Goodbye and i hope that the devolopers fix this problem

I keep getting the same thing and its pissing me off i cant play my favorite game and no one knows why please help us and fix this stupid error.

i hope that they bring an update and hopefully with a solution to this problem