Getting Disconnected every 20 minutes


Well basically me and a group of friends (6 of us) are all getting disconnected on the EU server every 20 minutes or so without failure. We have no idea what it is we only have our browser in common (Chrome), just wondering if anyone else is experiencing it and if they have fixed it, would really appreciate it.


Hi, my brothers having this issue as well, but we are noting play on the EU server, but finally i can figure it out this is related to his windows / overall performance issue

Because yesterday he had bought another computer and using the same internet line without any problem for over 5 hours, but once he swap to his old one with same internet line, keep disconnect again

Better check if you have another computer have same issue or not


The servers are having issues at the moment. It’s not on the users end. Be patient and they will have them up as soon as possible.