Getting disconnected from a singleplayer game?

I keep getting disconnected from my own game, and checked my connection and it’s fine. What could be the problem?

Out of guess, you are using some type of gore mod. They tend to cause disconnections like that.

this happens sometimes when you have a hacked Gmod

I’m getting this too, the message comes up as “Disconnected .” Seems to happen whenever I do something ridiculously overboard that would cause lag, such as welding 20 turrets to a spinning wheel at 10000 torque that each fire 200 bullets or detonating a bomb at the center of a crowd of 100+ npcs, but sometimes it crashes to menu with the same message when i’ve done something much less extreme.

Actually I am using a gore mod, so this seems likely, as it’s a dismemberment mod, sometimes if I dismember them it happens