Getting disconnected with really weird errors. + srcds crashing like it's 2008


Every time anyone that is an admin decides to no clip, or if there are a large amount of clients connected 60-70, people get disconnected with… random characters

I also have issues with SRCDS crashing like it’s 2008

I’ve uploaded the mdmp files to the metaconstruct thing w/e but honestly, I haven’t found anything quite useful or conclusive in the logs.

They all seem to follow a similar pattern all the errors look similar to this:

Sys_Error( area(1==50462976, 2==20) >= numareas (39):  Check if engine->ResetPVS() was called from ClientSetupVisibility )

Really stumped on this one, thanks for reading this fucking wall of text.

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also it seems to be unrelated to player count since it’s crashing after 600 seconds with only 30 players.

What map are you on? That error looks linked to the map, perhaps bad visleafs?

It’s because there was too many visleafs or possibly bad ones, you can solve this issue by reducing visleaf count in your map. Via func_detail, etc.

Marked as solved.

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wait how do I mark it as solved… shit

Top left corner.