Getting down to adding details in my map, frustration wtith the model browser. 3D view some props are transparent?

First off, here is a pic of what I am talking about:

Any prop like that that has transparency is completely clear and impossible to see with a black background. I’m getting close to finishing my map so I’m starting to add details like plants and whatnot. Really annoying to have to actually set the prop model to see what it even is instead of using the model browser.

Here it is with a normal prop:

I haven’t been able to find anything on google about this issue. Anyone have any ideas?

Even if I can just change the background color I could live with the transparency.

I have this too, kinda annoying

No solution to this. You’ll have to tough it out.

You can fix this by modifying the sourceschemebase.res file in the platform/resource directory of the game you’re mapping for, as described here. If I remember correctly, doing this also made my in-game main menu disappear and changed the colour of the console, but I think it’s worth the trouble.

Happens to me all the time, I usually just select the model and see what it looks like in the map.

Proper fix

Worked perfectly, thank you SO MUCH

Oh my god. After months of using the black model browser and the search for a fix i finally found it. Thank you!

Anyone know which line effects relevant text color?