Getting engine-based VGUI panel metatable

You can easily get the Lua Derma panel metatable with baseclass.Get. Eg.


This however does not work with engine-based panels. What would be the alternative for those?

I’m not interested in vgui.Register and derma.DefineControl’s base parameters. I’m not making a VGUI control. I’m only interested in getting the actual table.

FindMetaTable(“Panel”) ?

That won’t work with other engine panels like EditablePanels? Will it?

All engine based panels share this table as metatable(kinda retarded I know).

Ah right, I noticed that with baseclass.Get too (which only works with Panel, EditablePanel and Label).

I was looking for a non-shared metatable but that’s probably not possible. Hopefully not.

As I said, I assume this was done due to laziness and should be subject to change.


I actually created a request

Yeah I noticed when I was making one myself.