Getting entities in the void to transmit?

I’ve been trying to make a system that allows players to be outside in the void (im rendering a skybox in the void) and ive been trying to put props there, im currently trying to place props in the void.
but the props dosent want to send the position to the client, so the prop stays where it is. Any ideas?

This may help you:

I already tried that, it dosent work


Actually this might work…

Source really doesn’t like things being in the void, so you’ll have to network the positions manually.

Thanks, got it working. but collisions/traces and player physics is messed out there, is there any possible way to get around it?

Nooo, because like I said, Source doesn’t like anything being in the void and so fights it all the way. You’ll probably have to mess about with a move hook, and are you telling the traces to ignore world?

the traces wont hit anything thats in the void which is becoming a problem