Getting EP2 content into Potal for use in Hammer

Title says it all. How do I go about getting Half-Life 2: Episode 2 content for use in the Portal?

Open up the ep2 GCF file (may be Source 2007 materials/models/etc. or something like that) with GCFScape, and copy out all the contents of the materials and models folders to portal’s respective folders.

NOTE: DO NOT put them under a new folder like portal/materials/ep2materials/blah, none of the materials or models will work properly, everything in one materials folder has to be in the other for it to work. (all of the files are named relative to the /materials/ folder, changing the location confuses all the references)

Open up the EP2 GCF with GCFscape and put the Models/Materials in your portal folder.

EDIT: Gaw Damnit

Much appreciated.