Getting GetViewModelPosition to work with CalcView

Hello, it’s Storm again with another question.

I have been trying to find what information I could about getting SWEP:CalcView() to work with SWEP:GetViewModelPosition().

I can confirm that Both functions work fine on their own. I have swept through about every little bit of info I can find about getting these two to work together, but I’ve been unsuccessful in getting them to work together.

From what I’ve seen/heard it is a simple fix/hack so I feel a bit dumb for asking.

Thank you for the help!

What are you trying to do?

Also, there’s this hook:

I am using GetViewModelPosition to modify the weapon’s position/angles for ironsights, running/walking weapon bob animations, and weapon sway.

I am using Calcview to modify the player’s angle based on the weapon’s attachment position/angle so the player’s camera angle changes when he reloads.
That and so I could smooth out the FOV transition when the weapon goes to the ironsight position.

Also, thank you for that hook, I was not aware they had another hook you can use other than GetViewModelPosition.

You will have to do each of those things in their separate hooks.

A hacky method would be to make local variable(s) outside of any hooks ( Or variable(s) assigned to SWEP table ), set their values in one hook, and use their values in other.

I’m not quite sure what you mean. When I meant these hooks work on their own, I meant that only one will work when the other isn’t being used in my weapon base. When I use CalcView, GetViewModelPosition stops working and won’t even attempt to move the model.
I don’t really need information sent from one hook to another if that is what you meant.

Sorry if I didn’t clarify correctly.

I did this by doing
local f = weapon.Get(wep:GetClass()).GetViewModelPosition
local vmang, vmpos = f(wep)
f(wep, vmang, vmpos)
view.vm_angles = vmang
view.vm_pos = Campos
return view

or something similar, I’ll write back later when I’m on my computer

Show your code then. It definitely should be working.


I just figured it out, thank you for the help guys:

Turns out viewmodel:GetAttachment(viewmodel:LookupAttachment(“muzzle”)) breaks Viewmodel movement.