Getting GMod player models over to Counter Strike: Source

I’ve downloaded the Mass Effect 2 player models for Gmod, and they work, but I’d like to get them working in CS:S for a crappy machinima I want to make for a friend.

These are the models I downloaded (And they work in Gmod 10):

I really don’t know what I’m doing, and I owe the models working in GMod 10 for a simple cut-paste to the addons folder. I’ve tried downloading other player models ment specifically for CS:S to see what the folder structure is supposed to be like or something, and I still haven’t been able to understand it. The Mass Effect models have a pretty radical folder structure that I doubt would be as easy to install into CS:S.

If somebody could even direct me to a decent player model importing tutorial for CS:S, I’d appreciate it. Everything else I’ve found is for just skins and/or gun models, and the few player model tutorials I’ve found are either out of date, flawed, or meant for somebody who doesn’t need a tutorial anyway.