getting gun trought door

so i have this issue i have gun locker but players can still take guns trought door even when closed any solution?

Check the following flags:

Start Constrained.
Deny player pickup

What kind of entity is your door? What are the settings for the door? What about the settings for the button? What weapon entities are you using?

If you’re using a prop door, there’s a chance that the keypress is not seeing the prop.
If you’re using a prop_door_rotating/func_door_rotating, then your weapon entity is probably clipping through the door.

I built gun lockers to house my M9k weapons for a personal fuck-around map of mine, and it works perfectly. It uses a func_door_rotating with a prop_dynamic parented to it, and inside is an M4A1 and a Remington 870 (M9k). It doors open/close appropriately and I can only get the weapon when I press the button.

sorry for late reply its func_door_rotating

Send me your vmf in a PM. I’ll look at it tonight.

What game?

I got your map - I’ll look at it tonight. Sorry for the long delay. Christmas weekend was a bitch. Fun, but… Long.