Getting hacked from port forwarding?

Hi, I’m just ABOUT to forward the port used for hosting source servers, if I forward ONLY THIS PORT will I get hacked?

no you will not.

well nevermind actually, I don’t have to worry about this since my damn ports wont fucking forward, despite the fact I clicked on “half life 2 steam” and “forward” and “update Router” please no one waste your time telling me yes or no

Did you forward them to the correct place, and did you set your PC to not get its IP from a DHCP serveR?

where do you forward it to? I forwarded it to my computer. and how do you set your PC to not get its IP from a DHCP serveR?

If you look at the properties of your network adapter, you should see TCP/IPv4 options, set it in there. And yes, you forward it to your PC, it would be easier to place your PC in a DMZ which basicly puts your PC outside of the protection of the router, it would make it easier for people to connect to your server, but i wouldnt leave your PC there other than when you are running your Gmod server.

He was worried about one port being open and you advise him to open them all!?

It doesnt open them all as long as he has a firewall on his PC, nobody will be able to hack him from being in a DMZ unless there are vulnerable services running on his PC.

AKA Source.

Well, unless it has vounrabilities in it that allows somebody to take control of a PC remotley, he isnt really at risk.

Source has those vulnerabilities if you use certain modules, or you enable certain commands. Such as the file upload exploit still works if the host hasn’t disabled a certain command, and the cmd module has exploits that can be used to get at the server’s command line.

Depends on OS, some older versions of windows is hackable with ping messages