Getting Hammer to work on Windows 7 64-bit.

So I’m interested in attempting a start in hammer-mapping, however I cannot for the life of me get the Source SDK to launch on my PC.

I have searched and searched to no avail - the -32bit command trick doesn’t work, neither does anything else I’ve tried.

Does anyone know how to get this thing to work? I’d appreciate any help I could get.

Works fine for here… Steam doesn’t have a 64 bit of anything. (Except Lost-cost)

All I did was install steam, double click sdk.

See it just launches and never appears, even though the icon appears in the taskbar and the process is running, and has to be closed with ctrl-alt-dlt.

It takes forever to open on the first time, because it copies alot of files across. Try minimizing everything and then pulling steam up in a corner and opening it so there’s nothing blocking the SDK (visually) when it opens.

Well I’ll give it a while longer, but it’s been this way for 10 minutes now.

You might also try making the sourcesdk/sourcesdk_content folder not have a “read only” parameter. (Right click, properties uncheck it, apply)

Also try launching steam as an Administrator.

Already running as an administrator.

Are you literally right clicking on the steam.exe and hitting “Run as Administrator”?

It’s auto ticked to run as administrator.

It might be opening off screen.

AFAIK that is no longer possible.

It doesn’t seem to be.

Hah hah, ** Lost-Cost.**

Whoops. You get the idea.

I can’t think of anything except Steam not being opened as administrator (Right Click->Run as Administrator) and try launching the Sourcesdk.exe (While steam is open) as an Administrator.

I don’t think steam needs to be run as a admin on 7, since it’s only messing with it’s own files, and not another program’s files, and UAC hasn’t got anything wrong with that with default protection level. Must be something else.

I’m afraid nothing suggested works.

The original HL2 has 64 bit binaries, but they’re buggy and don’t offer any real performance benefit.

Have you tried reinstall it I know with windows 7 32bit I had to reinstall steam over it self because it would not load that is the only thing I think of right now.

Sorry if I have bad spelling its like 5:38am here.

Yeah they don’t have a 64 bit version anymore.

Ok, so I got a workaround by manually launching Hammer, however when loading my map I get a message along the lines of “Failed to load the default scheme file, the map views may be missing some visual elements”. As far as I can see, this has removed the distance shown by brushes, e.g how long, wide, tall they are. This makes it extremely tricky to do things right.

As well as this, Hammer crashes (with no error message) when I attempt to “browse” for models to select for an entity.

And finally, all the models I had previously done on another computer (without all these problems) have now got pink checkerboard skins in the 2d views, but they’re fine in the 3d view.

Can anyone help me?