Getting in contact with facepunch regarding EAC ban how?


I bought rust a few days ago really enjoying it and suddenly today i was out chopping wood and got disconnected with a message saying EAC disconnected cant remember…Now when i got to connect any server says steam auth banned along those lines…I have written to steam but i am assuming i need to get in contact with facepunch as they would have asked steam to ban right? and if so do i communicate with face punch through this thread or a different avenue?

The Steam user name is KingJudasKong

Kind Regards

Nothing can be done for you here.
You could wait for the possibility that a EAC rep will see it and respond or you can contact them direct

Probably wont get away from this. He has a friend who also got a recent ban.

If you really want EAC to respond here, you’re going to need to post your Steam64 ID. User names mean jack shit.

Shows what you know.

Nice three-day-old throwaway.

Erm may i ask who this friend is as i am not aware of an friend getting banned…Kindly don’t go assuming things without any evidence…last time i spoke to any of my friends who i have played with no one mentioned anything about a ban…as you can see i only started playing a few days ago so the people i know on my fiends are people i have only known a few days in game. Hope that clarifies some of your confusion

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Ahaa okay thank you i will get in contact with them. Appreciated

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Sorry may i ask what you mean by that comment?

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does this help… 76561198302069837

also says i am not vac banned so if that is the case i am not banned by steam and just by EAC?

Everybody tends to assume, and rightly so, that the majority of people who come in talking about EAC bans have cheated, and don’t want to admit they cheated, so they come up with some excuse to try and get EAC to unban them. How this usually pans out is that an EAC staff member comes along, looks into the case, and then says that it was due to definite detection of cheating and the ban winds up remaining on the account.

If by chance there are false positives, EAC will unban an account, but those are so few and far between it isn’t funny.

Unless me destroying someones cupboard and taking over their property and making it mine is cheating then i’m guilty as charged but if its not then all i was doing was enjoying the game met couple people added to friends and was busy gathering resources and making a stronger property… was really enjoying it went out to cut some wood and bam disco. :frowning:

So, you’ve never cheated in any other games is what you’re saying, right? Could I also ask why you only have one game on your account, most “hackers” usually do this to avoid their entire steam profile disappearing.

I work for facepunch please give me your credit card information so I may verify you have purchased the game

Ahaa makes sense as to why it looks suspicious…i used to play alot of games back in the days and as you know they used to be on cd’s or downloads their was never any origin or steam and so on…Then i got into this one RCE game which i have played for the last 11 years which is not steam based and any other game i have played hasnt been either…so is the reason i dont have a line of steam games…Its only recently i came across this game that i took an interest in and made a steam account and started playing.

Hope that answers your question and doubt.


Weird bro, I found Metabans linking your Origin account
AliasFaux is another alias you’ve gone under in prior events, the fact you were caught cheating by EAC and Vac doesn’t help you in one bit, but in a day or so, EAC is gonna come along and say you were cheating, you’ll say something on the lines of “No, I wasn’t” and then your facepunch account will be banned, and about next week you’ll be back with the same sob story on another account. Literally blocked me the first two minutes of adding him, didn’t even accept before I was blocked, very “innocent” behavior.

These are not even rust and god knows who this dude is? Regarding adding friends i’m not even logged on as i am banned so i haven’t logged in and tended to any friends requests…but to say literally blocked me is a bit out of place when that is not the case as i have not been logged into that account since last night when i got this eac ban…where do you come out with such accusations from without any evidence…He literally blocked me lol seriously? I dont see anything stating thats the case it says error…knowing your dumb nature that could mean error hmmm moons crashing into earth tomorrow…seriously dude??? It says Error and error does not accumulate to block…idiot.

Is your posts even contributing to this case and issue??? You just thought you’d take it on to yourself to post some irrelevant screen shots to make me look like a fool and make a story up and start throwing accusations and assumptions around and think people will think wow such intelligence??? Your an IDIOT

Regarding EAC coming along…I will await and they best come with proof and not hide under this false bull about policy that steam does not to tell as its policy…Best bring solid proof and present it or unban me…and not hide under this policy nonsense about how they cant divulge info or evidence to help company’s like steam scam people of their money by racking up en necessary bans where they get to keep your hard earned money and also take the game away from you…And about you predicting they will say i cheated and i will say no and face punch will ban my account…let me add to your prediction if they do that without providing evidence i will happily do a charge back and they can then go do what the hell they like…maybe go moan to steam or steam can go moan to them…or maybe they both can come moan to you for predicting wrong.

I await a reply from EAC.

Update, after the post, I had no trouble adding him btw that error will only appear if the person has blocked, I tried on steam and in web browser after I was declined… And Alpha Wolf, another member who was banned did the exact same thing, until I linked this after talking with him for 20 minutes he admitted to hacking and stated that he’d blocked me, and then unblocked me after I showed him.

Also changing your origin ID isn’t that hard… the metaban clearly states the second name is KingJudasKong, I searched the name over multiple places, yet you’re the only one with that name, exactly in the same order, very “odd” that’d you’ve been caught cheating, and that other account also has multiple bans.

they arent going to tell you how they detected you if you happen to be cheating lmao, EAC arent going to post proof so that others can find ways around their system, even if you won’t do anything with that info.

And if you even bothered to read the ToS, you might remember that you only get the privilege of playing the game if you purchased it. You can get banned for violating those terms by doing anything other than play the game as it’s intended to be played, without cheating or abusing glitches.

Also EAC is pretty sensitive, if you’ve been hacking on other games or are running a utility like cheat engine side by side with Rust, you’ll be flagged and banned even if you havent been cheating on Rust, so if that’s the case as well you’re still SOL as that counts as legitimate by EAC and Valve’s lights.

edit: IF you havent cheated and were legitimately a victim of a false positive, EAC WILL reverse the ban, but don’t expect them to reverse your ban just because you say their anti-cheat protection is a scam.

Blocked again :confused:

I genuinely have not cheated in game or glitched or used any thing to my advantage or done something i wasn’t meant to do. I have also written to the server admin on who’s server i was playing at the time when i got disconnected… as when i join any other server it says steam banned but when i join his server it says banned from server so i am assuming what ever happened happened on that server and the admin of that server banned and reported me which then got me the big ban…I dunno seems like that so i have contacted them and provided all detail to see if they can shed some light on this matter just so i can get to the bottom of all this.

Thanks for the info appreciated…but the policy of not giving proof and charging with a ban is not very legit…doesn’t look it either…Imagine if the police grabbed you one day took you to court and jailed you without any evidence or proof …and when you asked why am i being punished for and their response is oh because you did so and so…Okay please provide some evidence… erm sorry we cant as you will then find out how we investigate and do our work???

you think that policy has a leg to stand on??

I don’t think paypal will agree with that policy either or any legit entity…as everything is based on evidence.


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Are you stupid or something…i am not even logged on and have not logged on since last night so god know what the hell you are trying to prove Colombo please give it a rest…I have not blocked you or seen your friend request as i have not been logged on since last night…is that any clear enough for you to understand…i wont be surprised another post after this saying oh look blocked again oh look blocked again oh look blocked again??? Why are you posting unnecessary crap on this thread…Admins can you please remove this troll from this thread and his posts as i want to keep it to the point and clean so EAC or who ever needs to go through it doesn’t need to go through this idiots nonsense who’s only trying to create drama and make matters seem more worse than they are.

Any reason the same error came up when me and my friend tried it?

to prove a point if its coming up error when you tried your friend tried the rest of the world will try it will be the same thing error… as i mentioned above i am not online i haven’t been since last night so how can i block you or your friend or anyone without logging on? seriously dude are you like retarded or something?

what part of error do you not understand…could be anything can you please leave my thread and stop posting your rubbish…do the admins even monitor this place?

Can’t handle the heat, don’t make a post? I’m willing to bet 50 USD that he’s hacking, if you’re not, i’ll be more than happy to PM you the Wallet code after EAC confirms the report. That’s how confident I am with EAC and their system and that you’re full of sh** and wasting everyone’s time. Seriously, why do hackers even bother, good stuff you’ve just lost 20$ and an extra set on that month subscription.