Getting killed by bear through stone houses

This is getting really freaking annoying I am getting killed when I am offline by bears all the time. Gear is totally gone ofcourse T_T. This is happened to me alot of times. Bears are kinda OP right now, please fix the wallhack.

yeah it is a really bad bug and some have said its been like it for a longgggg time which is worrying…Can it be fixed?.

I mean if it was an easy fix they would have done it by now right? :frowning:

They are more likely to pump out new content then fixing this horrible bug…-_-.

its not a bug, its a feature

See, bug fixed by renaming it a feature. Sorta like Comcast telling you “If you store video on the HDD of the DVR it’s not going to work right”

Or you could just learn your lesson after it happened the first time and not log off on the ground floor of your base. This is a problem that needs to be addressed, but can easily be mitigated by just taking some responsibility for yourself rather than waiting for the devs to save you.

I think they don’t touch it because they gonna rework it anyway. A waste of time putting to much effort into this.

Sleep on a higher floor or store your stuff in a box, is not that bad.

Offtopic but I just love how the bears are sometimes orbiting the mushroom shaped rock formations… sort of flying around the end of the rock like the rock had it’s own gravity! And there is NO way you could EVER hit that bear :smiley: