Getting killed by toybox airstrike

The airboat seat texture shows on my screen

Your avatar fits the situation pretty well.

Does this happen every time?

It’s probably something wrong with the entity, nothing you can do. Maybe you have a conflicting addon?

Doesn’t this to me, whats your graphics card/ram?

Happens every time, plus my graphics are fine

Try hud_reloadscheme to fix it. This looks like a screwed up overlay for the damage texture. It is using the wrong material. temp fix

Try to verify integrity for both HL2 and Gmod. Yeah, it might be odd, but that looks like a HL2 texture Gmod is pulling from the content files.

Which addon is it?

Airstrike :downs:


Getting killed by toybox airstrike

Delete your garrysmod/materials folder, or move it to desktop.
This MIGHT solve it, if not, then it’s a shit addoning fucking with you

It’s a addon fucking it up.

Give us a list of addons that you have.