Getting Left 4 Dead Npc's into Half life 2 & mods

Hello people,
Is there any way to get L4D NPC’s into my half life 2 ep2 mod? Not the Ai Director, and all the bosses and shit like that, just the core zombies, because to be quite honest, the default ones are rubbish.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Director is required for all Npc’s

Even if you managed to make a cheap knock off of the common infected they would be extremely stupid and not navigate as well as the real ones.

ah right, bugger.

If you try to code parts of the AI director into your mod It might work.

No no no no not possible not in a million years well that was exagerated but no it will never happen

Thanks for the info Cap’n obvious.

It’s not impossible. Just complex.

I’ve researched it, you’d have to implement the director in and everything through coding and stuff. I think i’ll pass.